Saturday, August 14, 2010


We are near Kenosha, WS now for a family reunion today.  Tomorrow we'll drive a short distance into Illinois and stop at his cousin's house for the night and visit with family on his Dad's side.  Then we'll make the final leg of our trip to NC beginning on Monday.

Wednesday we drove across Montana and Thursday we drove thru North Dakota and Minnesota where we encountered really strong winds and that makes for tough driving.  Then we were awakened in the night by thunder, lightening and driving rain.  Yesterday it poured and poured as we drove through Wisconsin.  There were reports of flash flooding and tornado watches in effect.  Fortunately we only experienced driving rain and we did manage to drive out of the worst of it.  However, about the time we got parked in the campground and as Dick was hooking everything up outside, it started to rain and lightening again.  He got soaked!  Wish we could bring some of that rain with us to NC!


  1. Oh, sounding good that you will soon be on the leg to NC!!!!
    Take care and praying for safe travels!

  2. Maggi... I have been reading throguh your travel blog, and cannot believe your time is almost over! Sounds like you had a blast, and I would imagine a "few" layouts to do! Be safe and travel sound!!

  3. Have enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Can hardly wait to see you guys.