Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are home!

We finally made it home on Wednesday after driving just over 11,000 miles in the RV and around 2700 miles in the jeep! It took me two days to clean the RV as it was just coated in dust from the 6 weeks of camping at Denali where everything was dusty and dirty!

We had a great time in Wisconsin at Dick's family reunion.  That was his mother's father's side of the family.  Then on Sunday we visited with his cousin and some family from Dick's father's side.  Between the two gatherings I think I gained 4 lbs!!

We left the greater Chicago area and drove to Dayton, Ohio where we spent the night at Wright Patterson AFB at the family camp.  We also discovered that one of the best, if not the best, aviation museum was in that area so we delayed our trip home by a day to visit the museum.  In particular Dick wanted to see the plane there on display similar to the one his Dad flew in Korea.  Also they had retired presidential planes there that I wanted to see.  It was interesting but a bit much for me as I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of aircraft there on display!!  There were 3 large hangars full in addition to two smaller hangars with the presidential planes and experimental aircraft.

It was a truely spectacular summer and we had such a great time.

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