Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday, hello!

We are at the Toklat camp today doing laundry.  On our way here we saw two grizzlies taking a snooze in the grass beside a stream.  Then one of them got up and started digging around the tree roots.  Before long out popped a ground squirrel.  Two quick leaps by the bear and he had his lunch.  I guess the rule here is eat or be eaten!

When we drove to Fairbanks the other day, the mountain was out.  Mt. McKinley is often referred to as Denali which is "the Great One".  Only about 25% of the visitors to Alaska get to see Denali as it is often hidden behind clouds.  It is so much taller than anything around it, that it has its own weather system.


  1. That must be an incredible sight. Gail D from SOS

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  3. The same eating rule applies in our back yard. Our wonderful dogs brought a headless squirrel gift to our back door only a couple months ago! Maybe the head is a delicacy in the animal world! Continue having fun! Love, Melissa