Monday, July 19, 2010

Only 2 weeks left!

We are in Fairbanks today, grocery shopping and running errands.  Its hard for us to believe that we only have two weeks left as campground hosts!

The last time we were coming into the park we saw a really large wolf just walking down the road.  He walked right by our car.  I have been hoping for an up close and personal view of a wolf so I was excited when we found this guy!

While driving back from doing our laundry we ran into this trio of Dall Sheep on Polychrome Pass.  The pass is the most frightening portion of the road as it is narrow and winding and has dropoffs like you wouldn't believe - 600 feet or more and very steep.  As we go around each curve I mutter the prayer, "no bus, no bus" as my fear is that we will meet an oncoming bus and there will be about a foot between our car and the bus as we pass!   It's not so bad when we're on the inside curve but when we're on the outside, it really scares me to death!!

I don't have much of a lynx picture but this is one that Dick took shortly after we started the camphost gig where the lynx a nd the dog were having a faceoff.

Well we have to get on with the shopping so good bye for now.  Will try to write something more intelligent next time I'm on a computer!


  1. Very cool Lynx!!!

    That wolf looks skinny, love your pics!!!

  2. Hey you guys! I am so glad you are enjoying your trip. I do miss you here and look forward to your return.
    Brooks loved his postcard! I had to pry it from his hand at bedtime on that day that he got it. Thank you so much for thinking of him!

  3. Hello Maggi and Dick,

    I have enjoyed catching up on your pictures and reading your notes. What a wonderful trip. My guess is the wolf will arrive in Raleigh just in time for the first football game. Maybe you could give him a lift.

    Enjoy the remainder of your trip and be safe.


  4. Enjoying your pics & photos. What a memorable experience you are having ! Linda

  5. Does that wolf have a collar on? Do they track the wolves up in that area? Enjoy reading your posts and looking at the pictures! Stay Safe! Love, Melissa