Friday, July 9, 2010

Laundry day again -

Here it is July already and before long we'll be packing up and heading home.  We are hearing how horribly hot it is on the east coast, we're not looking forward to returning to that!!

The last 3 days have been unbelievably gorgeous in the park.  It's supposed to hit 80º here in the park.  that's unusual!  Today there's hardly a cloud in the sky and Mt McKinley is out for all to see.  It is soooooo spectacular!

We will get a pass that will allow us to drive our car the entirety of the park road (about 90 miles) for the 3rd week of July.  Although only 90 miles, it usually ends up being a 10 hour trip all the way in and out as the max speed is 35mph and often less.  we also have to pull over and stop when any vehicle larger than ours approaches and there are a lot of those (buses and construction equip).  We are looking forward to that and are hoping for some great wild life viewing although it is hard to see from our car so we will probably "hang" with the buses so we have the advantage of all the spotters on the buses.

Not much else to report - all is well and COOL in Alaska.  80º is considered a hot day here!


  1. Great to be able to keep up with your trip. You are going to miss the Park when you leave - but probably not the bugs. I am SO looking forward to doing what you guys are doing when we finally retire!

  2. Hi Maggi and Dick

    I am back from NC and missed seeing you all there but am enjoying your adventures in Alaska. I am envying all except the mosquitoes.
    Great photos, looks so beautiful. Keep having fun and stay safe.

    Betty Jean

  3. Sounds just Fabulous What memories & scrapbooking opportunities ! WOW !

    Wish I was there