Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bus humor--

When you go into the Park, you ride on a bus that is essentially a school bus and if you go all the way into the park, you'll be on that bus for about 11 hours.  That's plenty of time to get to know your fellow passengers and bus driver!  Our bus driver told us that some one actually asked him "when do the caribou change into moose?"  Oh my, I know that people from afar are not well versed on the animals that live in Alaska, but really, do you think that animals change from one species to another??  Only in a Harry Potter movie does that happen!!

There's always alot of joking about people encountering animals and being eaten so here are the definitions:

A person on a bicycle - "meals on wheels"
Person walking on a trail -  "trail mix"
Person on a bus -  "canned meat"

Well that's humor, Denali style!

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