Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wildlife sightings!

Before we left Dawson Creek we went to the museum and saw a film about the building of the Alaska Highway.  It was quite the engineering feat and was completed in about 8 months which is really incredible .  It really speaks to the need of the military and the gumption of all those involved in punching the road through.  Today, the highway has been rebuilt so that it is an easy trip.  Here and there we can see where the original road was. The highway has been rebuilt, straightening it and leveling some of the climbs.   It is actually shorter today than it was when built.

After leaving Dawson Creek we spotted 2 adult black bear!  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera lens cover off in time so no photo....Then Dick saw 2 juvenile black bears on his side but I couldn't see them.  We also saw a young male moose,  a few deer and an owl.  Bad camera day - no pictures!

We arrived in Fort Nelson in time to visit the museum there.  They had a nice collection of old cars, trucks, and highway memorabila among other "stuff".

We left Fort Nelson this morning headed up the road to Watson Lake where there is the neatest "sign forest."  There are thousands of signs from all over the world there that people have nailed up.  We were looking for a Spring Hope sign that my parents said they put up in 1996 or 1997 but we coul\dn;t find it however, we did find this one that Dick's cousin put up in 2008.

Today was an interesting day.  We drove in and out of rain and sunshine and met alot of critters along the way.  These are  Stone Sheep along the highway.  they look more like goats than sheep but they are sheep.  I took the photo out the front window so its not such a great shot. 

The day got even better when we saw this big guy and his herd along the road. The babies were so cute headbutting each other.

Wi-fi on the road is not all its cracked up to be!  Most of the campgrounds we have been at have Wi-fi but it doesn't work so well.  I think I am lucky if I get all this posted!

We are having a wonderful time and enjoying the roadtrip!  Hope to see more moose tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my gosh maggi! What a great trip! Love the signs and all those animals! Have fun! Love reading about your travels!

  2. oh wow how awesome seeing those animals, is that a buffalo!? thats amazing!!!

  3. Awesome pics. The part of Canada that you're going through is much better than where I'm from. I guess that's why I'm in NC. All is well on Tall Cotton Road.

    Trevor & Linda