Monday, June 7, 2010

Waving hi from Canada!!

We are parked at a friend's house 40 miles west of Red Deer which is about an hour north of Calgary.  I met Wendy on the web in 2005 on a scrapbooking website and we have become web friends.  It was really great to  meet her in person after five years! She and her family live on a big farm so we have really enjoyed learning all about their farm.  They have about 200 head of cattle and they grow wheat, canola, barley and hay.  I was flabbergasted at the size of one of their the tractors, it made me feel very, very small!  Was fun learning about farming here in the north!

Hello to my lunchbunch!  I hope all of you are having a great summer.  Now don't go talking about me too much while you eat lunch!!  :-) 

We brought Parker's BarBQue with us for our friends Willie and Jodi in Denver. I fried some corn bread for them too, they loved it!  I made some field peas for our Canadian friends tonight and they treated us to home grown steaks.  They loved the peas.  Next time we are through I told them I would bring them a southern meal.  Wish I had some grits with me as they asked me about those too.

Tomorrow we head towards the Alcan highway, the beginning is Dawson Creek - don't know how far we'll get and don't really care!  From here on  we are just gonna chug along at whatever pace feels good.

We got stopped at the border and searched again!  This happened to us last summer when we went to the Maritime Provinces.  I don't know.....maybe Dick looks like a thug?

Chena is doing better and seems to have settled into the routine.  At first I think she was a little concerned about what was going on.  Perhaps she was wondering where Chili was.  I think she may have thought we were taking her away.  She seems ok now, thankfully!

It is 10 pm and there is still light in the sky.  It won't be long before we will have daylight 24/7.  That takes a little getting used to, but it is great once you adjust. 

That's all the news from the northwest for now!  Hope everyone is well and happy!


  1. Sounsd really awesome, like your having a great time!

    I would love 24/7 sunlight that would rock!


  2. Good to hear from my traveling buddies! Oh, how wonderful and fun it sounds. Home grown steaks-yum! Can't believe you didn't even have the instant grits! Ha!
    Lunch Bunch is going strong! We miss you and enjoy talking about you.
    Glad Chena is adjusting-lucky dog she is!
    Life is good! Keep having fun and laugh lots!

  3. Hi Maggi! Hi Dick! Glad the trip's going well and you got to see Wendy and family at the farm in AB.

    Loved reading the travel log! AMAZING wildlife pics too! Hi to Chena!! :)
    xxoo- Ali and Pete