Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the road again!

We're in Billings, Montana tonight!  We had a great, but busy visit in Denver.  Dick and I both visited our work places in Denver Friday and had lunch with former co-workers.  We also had dinner & champagne with our dear friends Willie and Jodi.  Wednesday I spent the entire day shopping for a few necessities while Dick and Willie replaced the batteries in the RV.  We saved $200 + by stopping through Denver for new RV batteries.  Thursday was laundry day and Chena's bath day.  Friday was lunch with co-workers and get ready to hit the road again today, Saturday.

The "mechanics":

We are feeling really Alaskan now as we have added some duct tape to our car window.  All good Alaskans use duct tape!   My passenger window has not worked for several years other than intermittently and all of a sudden the window just fell down. The motor wouldn't put it back up so we were able to push it up only for the window to fall  back down again.  So we are using the duct tape to hold the window up.  In the meantime Dick was able to find a complete motor assembly in Denver so he will be able to fix that.  I told him that we should leave the duct tape so that we would look like Alaskans!  HA!

My pilot:

Beautfiful Wyoming and Montana:

Wiile, Maggi, Dick, Jodi


  1. OH awesome, sounds like your having a blast, those mountains and pastures look beautiful!

    Have Fun Maggi!!!

  2. So... who was that he was talking to on the cell while driving? :)