Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Denver!

We arrived in Denver this evening around 6:30 pm.   It feels kind of good to be back here - and we are so loving the weather!!  it is cool enough outside now to wear a jacket and turn off the A/C, no humidity!!  Oh I miss this particular aspect of the west, I wonder if I'll ever get used to the humidity!  The days will be warm but it cools off so nicely at night.  Must say I can feel the change in altitude!

The wind was fierce coming across Kansas, a really strong and steady cross wind buffeted us most of the way thru Kansas.  That's not all that unusual, we were just glad there were no severe weather in the forecast and no tornados!  We drove thru Kansas in 2007 and we just missed severe weather by a day and we were running a day ahead of schedule.  Had we not been a day ahead we would have been in the middle of some very deadly tornados that wiped out a town in Kansas.  Was fun seeing the windmill farms in Kansas -  There were windmills as far as you could see for a few miles.  That's not something we see on the east coast.

The next few days will be busy as we get ready to start our journey to Alaska.  I have grocery shopping & laundry to do.  Hmm, that's not much like vacation....  We have friends coming over tomorrow night for dinner.  They visited us over New Year's and they feel in love with eastern NC barbeque so we brought some with us from Parkers.  I'm going to fry some cornbread to go with it and maybe make some field peas! 

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  1. very cool wind farm!

    enjoy! :D

  2. Oh, good to hear and 'see' from you! Love your pics especially of Chena! Life is good for Chena!
    LBunch will miss you tomorrow! I will share news if they are not keeping up!
    Continue the fun, laughter, and enjoy the friends!

  3. Hey -- I know what you mean about humidity now that we are back in Maryland. I liked the weather in Seattle. Rita and I are so jealous and wish we could join you on a road trip. Maybe someday in the future.

    - - Mike

  4. You are living the life ! This is great to be able to keep up with your travels. Enjoy Have Fun Fun Fun ! Linda Loo