Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi from inside Denali National Park!

We are 53 miles inside the park today at a workcamp doing our laundry.  They have several computers here that are available for employee use.  Our campground is at mile 29 so we had 23 miles of the road that we were able to drive in our jeep.  That is way cool because cars are not normally allowed to drive on the park road.  the park road goes in about 90 miles or so and that's the only access by road in and out.

We had a great photo op on the way.  A group of dall sheep were standing on the road so I got some great pictures.  Unfortunately I will have to wait until I am able to use my computer before I can share them with you.

Last night there was a wolf in our camp although we didn't see it.  He left his scat which is how we were able to ID it as a wolf.  so I will have to be careful when walking Chena and we also will be advising tent campers to take care and also others with dogs.  I may have to sit up all night and watch what goes through the park when most folks are sleeping!!

Monday or Tuesday we will drive out of the park to Fairbanks which is about 2 hours or so away to pick up supplies and something we need for the motorhome.  I hope I will be able to post some photos then.

Dick is staying busy at the campground meeting and greeting.  You know he is a natural for that!  We have a radio & sat photo to communicate with park dispatch.

We are loving it to say the least!!  I must say that we are not enjoying "feeding" the mosquitos though!!

Maggi and Dick


  1. What an opportunity! Working 32 hours a week is perfect. You are truly enjoying a once in a lifetime adventure. Stay away from those bears and wolves. We are jealous.
    Rita & Mike

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure and photos with us all, Maggi!
    They are wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and look forward to many Layouts in the future.

  3. What a vacation you are both experiencing that will be full of memories!! I'm enjoying hearing about your stay in the park and anxiously waiting for pictures. Well, the mosquitoes aren't eating us up but this continuous hot weather is making it hard to want to get things done outside. Things are mighty dry and hoping for some rain this week. We continue to miss you and talk good about you on Thursdays.