Monday, June 14, 2010

Good morning!

Gee, we have no where to drive today!  We're just going to hang out in Fairbanks and maybe get some laundry done.  It is supposed to be a nice day - maybe Dick will fix the window on my jeep so that it goes up and down!  That will be novel since it hasn't worked in several years.

We appreciate the comments you have left for us!  We love hearing from all of you!   Every campground that we have stayed in has had wi-fi but most of the time the reception in the RV is very poor if at all.  Patiience is the name of the game as it takes a while to post anything.  I have had a little more success in logging on than Dick has had.  However, he has his Blackberry.  Interesting that some of the time he has been able to receive emails on his Blackberry but couldn't make a phone call.  We have great phone reception here in Fairbanks and will be here for several days if anyone needs to talk to us.

Melissa,  we enjoyed our visit with you although it was brief!  When we get back we hope to have more visiting time.  I guess that depends on if your Dad goes back to work.  Hugs and kisses to you and the family.

Lunch bunch, my ears burn every Thursday around noon!  Now why is that??  LOL!  Miss my lunches with all of you!  Wish I could have brought you all with me.

WE are camped on the banks of the Chena river - that's the river that our Chena was named after.  She loves reading her "pee" mail at each new stop!!

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